Pirates of Penzance June 2021 Brentwood Theatre The Pirates of Penzance opened on 31 December 1879 in New York and  was an immediate hit. It remains one of the most popular G&S works.   In Sullivan’s own words “The libretto is ingenious, clever, wonderfully  funny and sometimes brilliant in dialogue - beautifully written for  music.” A young pirate named Frederic - his half-deaf nurse had been  instructed to apprentice him to a”pilot” but got it a little wrong -  decides to leave the pirate life forever and, though he loves his  comrades dearly, devote his life to the extermination of their kind.   Once upon the shore, Frederic, who has never seen any woman other  than his old nurse, stumbles upon a bevy of beautiful maidens. He  immediately falls in love with the most beautiful of the bunch, Mabel,  who graciously offers to reclaim the “Poor Wandering One”.   What Frederic has forgotten however, is that there are pirates about! The lonely pirates are delighted by the beauty of their captives and  recognise the situation as a “first rate opportunity of getting married  with impunity”, but the girls’ father, Major-General Stanley, arrives just  in the nick of time to win a brief reprieve for his daughters.   Freceric vows to apprehend the band of pirates and put an end to their  plundering. However, due to a technicality, he is still indentured to the  pirates, consequently the compications abound!    
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* NOTE: unless otherwise stated ALL rehearsals will be at St George’s, Ongar Road, Brentwood and start at 7.45pm* SW - South Weald village hall CM14 4NP  BM - Blackmore village hall CM4 0QW
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